Nouveau spectacle

Pirate Concerto

So what is this ‘Pirate Concerto’ ? Well….it’s orchestral theatre, shiver me timbers ! Mordicus, a pirate passionate about unusual instruments, discovers an island inhabited by a symphonic orchestra. The encounter is explosive! Music, theatre, dance and video come together and invite you to make your voices ring out to hoist the sails. The symphony orchestra as you have never seen it : hijacked, unleashed, overexcited !
Will you come aboard ?

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Trumpet, piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, ondes Martenot, tap-dance, bassoon : Dylan Corlay has been musically diverse since he was a child ! Throughout his studies and experiences on stage, he patiently paved the way to becoming an orchestra conductor.
Before winning the“6th international Jorma Panula Conducting Competition” in 2015, he won his spurs as a trumpet player in a reggae band, a bassoon player in prestigious orchestras, a teacher, an improviser, a composer and a comedian.
Dylan Corlay is driven by the will to create true moments of artistic communion. Whether he is with spectators, orchestra musicians or students, his aspirations remain the same: to exchange, to convey, to unite. Lover of sound, enthusiastic about work, passionate about sharing… Insatiable !

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« Dylan Corlay won because he made us forget it was a contest. He was having a good time, playing music with others, in this case the orchestra players. And it was catchy… »
Christian Merlin, Le Figaro

Christian Merlin

Le figaro

« According to me, playing an instrument is the way to learn and understand the work of a conductor: what not to do, what musicians like, how to address each sections… The conductor school is the orchestra itself ! »

Dylan Corlay

La Lettre du musicien

« What musicians want –and the reason it runs- is that the conductor acts sincerely. If you don’t give yourself to the musicians, they won’t give themselves to the audience. »

Dylan Corlay

Tours & moi

« When I’m in front of an orchestra, I feel good, I feel myself because that’s what I want to do with my life. I’m not playing a role, I’m not anxious and I think I manage to create a safe environment. »

Dylan Corlay

La Nouvelle République

« I love improvising and I’m trying to start from scratch every time, even through a written and more conventional medium. I need to amaze and be amazed constantly. Isn’t it the point of conducting an orchestra ? »

Dylan Corlay

Éditions Robert Martin

« Above all, what I’m interested in by working with an orchestra, is the feedback in the moment: responding to what’s happening, staying spontaneous and reactive to what the orchestra offers, regardless of the amount of work ahead. »

Dylan Corlay

La Lettre du musicien

Toulouse Wind Orchestra

Symphonic Dances / West Side Story 

of Leonard Bernstein


Improvisation II sur Mallarmé

of Pierre Boulez


Comment j’ai piraté un orchestre

of Dylan Corlay